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About PulseStep

PulseStep is a comprehensive lifestyle modification program designed to help you lose weight, improve your health, physical condition and quality of life while reducing your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

The PulseStep Program

Whether you have a health problem, want to prevent a health problem or simply want to do and feel better in your day to day activities, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. Overweight leads to numerous complications but losing weight is not easy.

There is no miracle diet, drugs produced modest weight loss and have significant side effects and surgery is considered the last resort for those with serious weight problems.

Lifestyle modification remains the preferred treatment option. It is possible to adopt a healthier diet and to increase one’s level of physical activity, but it requires effort and commitment, and most people fail to maintain the positive changes long term.


With this unmet need in mind we developed PulseStep, a comprehensive program designed to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. It is a computerized program offered through the Internet, accessible at all times and at low cost. The web-based program is complemented by telephone/e-mail counseling by Lifestyle Coaches.

The program is trilingual (English, Spanish and French), friendly, individualized and fully interactive. It is delivered through short scripts with quizzes and videos that are customized to your needs. You can consult a lifestyle coach for additional support or contact another member to exchange experiences.

Healthy Couple

The Company

Andres Digenio, MD, PhD, is the Director and Founder of PulseAwareness LLC.


Pulse Awareness mission is to help improve the quality of life of individuals through simple lifestyle changes including an increase in physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet. Our recommendations are always based on the latest scientific advances.

Using the Internet as our main platform, we complement our recommendations offering access to community forums and lifestyle coaches where you can exchange ideas with people who like you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and with health professionals who will provide you with additional guidance when you need it.

Our services also include the design of software and consulting services for healthcare organizations that want to develop more customized programs for their patients.

We have not reached this stage solely on our own. Over the years, we have consulted many specialized professionals, including scientists, physiologists, dietitians and psychologists.

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